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Moth and Bonelight

Jerry Uelsmann and 21st Editions
Silver edition, 25 copies
20 x 24 inches


21st Editions spent three days with Jerry Uelsmann looking at over 3000 finished works that span his entire fifty-year career. What emerged was a selection of ten exquisite photographs which Uelsmann painstakingly printed as original 16 x 20-inch silver gelatin prints exclusively for the massive 20 x 24-inch book. The aluminum binding by Daniel E. Kelm represents a new standard of innovative design as each individual “page” is completely removable. This allows the collector to frame any or all of the ten magnificent signed prints without compromising the integrity of the book’s unique structure. You may view all ten photographs at the 21st Editions site. The initial offering of twelve copies of the silver edition sold out within twenty-four hours. There is a platinum portfolio available from the publisher.

Published by 21st Editions.

Original silver gelatin prints by Jerry Uelsmann.

Poems by Steven Brown.

Introduction by John Wood.

Afterword by Lance Speer.

Binding design by Daniel E. Kelm, produced by Kelm with Leah Hughes, Kylin Lee, and David Paffhausen.

Held in private collections.

You may request to see Moth and Bonelight at:

  • Rochester Institute of Technology, The Wallace Center, Cary Graphic Arts Collection

Here are the instructions for putting the binding together:

To hinge the book together, place the neatly stacked covers and pages in proper order on a table, with the spine overhanging the edge.