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All About Magnets

Are you looking for effective and interesting solutions to the challenges of clasps and closures?

In this two-day workshop you will use magnets that are manufactured as extruded strips and sheets. Magnets in this form integrate very well with familiar book arts materials and configurations because their thickness is similar to bookboard, and because they are easy to cut and shape.

Magnetic strip and sheeting are composite materials consisting of magnetic particles in a matrix of plastic. We will use magnets that are sufficiently strong to be effective even when they are wrapped in lightweight paper or fabric. This allows us to embed the magnets in our structures and maximize the effectiveness of their invisible force.

Please be sure to look through the gallery that accompanies this workshop description. The first three images show you the triptych folder project you will make as you learn about magnets.

This folder is held closed by a magnetic strip built into the edge of the cover. The interior central panel carries a removable frame cut from magnetic sheeting. The window opening in the frame slightly overlaps a 4 x 6-inch well in the board below. No adhesive is involved in holding the image—you can change it whenever you like simply by pulling away the magnetic frame.

The inside of the folder (including the frame) is covered in black Japanese tissue. The outside of the folder pictured in the gallery is covered in blue Japanese tissue. For the outside of your folder, you will have a few colors of tissue to choose among—or you can bring your own lightweight decorative paper or tissue to customize your project.

All levels of experience are welcome.